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Driving Lessons For Your Body

Become a better owner/operator of your own body
Published: 2020 08 14
driving lessons for your body. Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

When you take driving lessons (or motorcycle lessons) the idea of those lessons is that you can drive a car or ride a motorbike without having to think about how to operate it. And you can do either without needing an instructor to tell you what to do.

Driving lessons for your body are intended to help you learn to feel and control the parts of your body without having to think about how to do it, and without requiring a teacher or coach to tell you what to do.

They are designed to help you self adjust your poses or actions when required, so that you can operate your body effectively in anything that you choose to learn or do.

Muscle control

What is it that you actually learn to feel and control with driving lessons for your body?

Driving a car, or bike, you learn how to control direction and speed. The brakes and accelerator (or throttle) allow you to change speed while the steering wheel or handlebars allow you to change direction. And you know that you've changed speed or direction because you can see it and in a lot of cases feel it. (For noticing changes in speed, there's also the speedometer)

With driving your body, your muscles allow you to change or maintain relationships between bones. But the interesting thing is, muscles, and connective tissue, also allow you to sense or feel these relationships and changes within them.

With driving lessons for your body, you learn to feel and control muscle activation (and relaxation) as well as connective tissue tension. And where your body contacts the floor you'll also learn to feel changes in pressure and skin contact.

And like with "regular" driving lessons, the intent of the exercises in driving lessons for your body is to train you to feel and control the relationships within your body without having to think about how to do it.

Driving lessons for your body, online video courses

The following driving lessons for your body are all online video courses (via podia). Course content is in HD video. Unless specified, each course is made up of short videos, each focusing on a simple exercise, or sequence of exercises, for feeling and controlling particular muscles or sets of muscles. In some cases the focus will be on controlling particular bones or joints. Exercises are designed to be easy to follow, with short and simple instruction sets so that you don't have to think about the steps of the exercises, you can focus on doing the exercises. The videos show each exercise in a follow along format. However, it is strongly suggested that once you know an exercise, you practice it without the video.

If you have no particular problems with your body and just want to get on with learning it, then you can do the courses in the order given below. You can also vary the order if you so choose.

Hip flexors
Thigh muscles
long thigh muscles
Hip flexors
Thigh muscles
long thigh muscles
Hip flexors
Hip flexors
Thigh muscles
long thigh muscles

Improve foot awareness and foot control, first with isolated foot control exercises and then while practicing those same exercises in the context of yoga poses.

Learn how to adjust your feet for comfort (and even to work around tired feet)

Learn to feel and control your spine, ribcage, and transverse abdominals for better posture and breathing and to help anchor your hips and shoulders.

These hip flexors (sartorius, tensor fascia latae, rectus femoris) work on the hip and the knee. Learn how to stretch them, anchor them and use them to flex your hips.

Learn how to activate your hamstrings with impunity for better hip and knee control and even better hamstring flexibility.

The thigh in this case includes the quads and adductors and even the outside of your hip. Improve knee and hip control and get a strong taste of muscle activation sensation.

Get a better feel for your hip bones and your shin bones. The long thigh muscles (aka "long hip muscles") help you to control both (and include the hip flexors and hamstrings).

With deep hip muscle control learn to use your gluteus maximus as well as the deeper single joint muscles of the hip to stabilize (and control) your hip joint and get a better feel for it.

Controlling your hip bones is one way of developing SI joint stability (and control). Controlling your spine (and that includes the sacrum) is another way. Learn how to sequence and integrate muscle activations for the hip, SI joints and spine.

Learn to anchor the muscles that act between your ribcage and shoulder blades. Better shoulder blade stability (as well as awareness and control) can follow.

Starting with basic movements and positions (Using one arm), learn the essentials of the dance of shiva. Work towards learning all possible movements.

Includes 3 courses: the Spine, hip flexors, and hamstrings.

Includes 2 courses: the thigh muscles, and long thigh muscles.

Includes 5 courses, spine, hip flexors, hamstrings, thigh muscles, long thigh muscles.

Includes 2 courses: hip flexors, and hamstrings.

Includes 4 courses: hip flexors, hamstrings, thigh muscles, long thigh muscles.




Take out the Slack

Want to learn how to take out the slack for better proprioception, responsiveness, coordination? Become a member and you can access all of my muscle control videos.

My videos are designed to help you feel and control your body.

And they are taught in such a way to make it easy to learn. So why buy the videos (which you can also do) when you can watch them once or twice, repeat the exercises, learn them and then move on to the next?

The exercises I use, when executed slowly, smoothly and with focused awareness, help you learn to feel and control the parts of your body so that you learn body awareness piece-by-piece.

And since my exercises are based on anatomical constructs, i.e. your muscles, joints and bones, you can learn to "feel" and "experience" your anatomy at the same time.

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<#alt#> Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

8 book Ebook bundle, $48.00.
Dance of shiva for coordination and mental flexibility, balance basics for understanding balance, yoga basics 1 and 2 for getting a feel for your body, hip control guide and yoga for your shoulders for learning your hips and shoulders, wheel pose for tips on learning difficult poses and know to flow to learn how you can use flow and it's opposite state for enjoyable learning.