Products for Sensational Yoga Poses

Learn to use your bodies built in sensors to better feel your body, control it, and understand it.

If you are interested in getting a better feel for your body, the programs below focus on doing just that. They are based on what I teach students (who are regular people, not athletes or MMA stars) in my regular classes.

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Our bodies come included with built in sensors.

We can learn to use these sensors to help us"consciously" balance.

Balance Basics teaches you how.

Balancing yoga poses and exercises can be challenging because very few of us are taught how to direct our awareness while balancing.

Balance Basics teaches you how to balance by feeling your body. It shows you how to access the information provided by your bodies built in sensors.

And it teaches you how to interpret that information so that you can respond appropriately.

That means being able to find the balance point in any posture and keep it.

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Balance Basics

Hip Control Guide

Want to take your yoga practice deeper but don't know where to start?

The hip control guide teaches you how to feel and control the deep muscles of the hip joint. It shows you how you can use these muscles to deepen your yoga poses, or make them more efficient.

If you have trouble with forward bends or back (I do), learning to feel your hip muscles and control them can help.

  • The feeling part is important so that you know what you are doing is having an effect.
  • The control aspect is learning what to do to consciously activate these muscles.

It's like being in a conversation where you take turns listening to each other. You actually respond to what the other person says instead of just saying whatever is on your mind.

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Yoga Basics 1 and
Yoga Basics 2

Yoga Basics 1 focuses on simple pushing exercises that you can do within a set of basic yoga poses.

You could think of these exercises as similar to pushing a car out of snow, but instead of pushing a car, you're pushing parts of your body using friction and simple pushing actions.

These actions, done with awareness, help you get a feel for your body.

Yoga Basics 2 builds up on this by teaching you how to create stability.

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for Your Shoulders

Yoga for your shoulders starts with simple neck and ribcage awareness exercises.

This is so that in the shoulder exercises that follow, your shoulder muscles (particularly the muscles that stabilize your scapular) have a stable foundation from which to work.

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The Dance
of Shiva

The Dance of Shiva is a practice that can help you to balance the left and right sides of your upper body.

If you habitually tend to use one arm or one side of your body because of the nature of your work or sport or other activity, dance of shiva can help you get used to using the other side of your body. It can help you balance both strength and flexibility. It can also help you improve coordination on both sides of the body.

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Towards Wheel Pose

Even if you have no desire to do wheel pose, (it is a pose that people love to hate, or, they simply hate it!) "Working Towards Wheel Pose" is useful because it demonstrates a methodology for approaching most types of poses.

Part of the process includes learning some basic body awareness and muscle control for the spine, pelvis, hips and shoulder blades. It also shows you how you can use the ground to create a reaction within your body.

The sum total of all of these actions and exercises is:

  • to help make it easier to work towards wheel pose.
  • You also learn some basic ideas for counterposing.
  • And you'll get a better feel for your body.

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5 Sensational
Yoga Routines
For Beginners

One way to mindfully and intelligently learn yoga is to learn your muscles.
Your muscles not only move your body, they help you to feel it.

They create sensation when you use them.

Additional benefits of muscle activation include:

  • Helping to keep your joints lubricated.
  • Preventing joint surfaces from rubbing.
  • Maintain joint capsule integrity.

If you want to maintain joint health, mobility and longevity, feel and use your muscles.

And these 5 sensational yoga routines (for beginners) show you how.

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Muscle Control

Pushing your hands (or feet) against the floor against friction is one way of deliberately activating muscles. Using friction, you can create stability and/or work at increasing strength.

To use friction it helps that your hands and feet don't slide. Body weight helps in this regard. But one of the nice things about friction is that so long as you have enough friction, it's easy to gradually ramp up the amount of effort you use against the floor.

Friction allows you to apply strength with awareness and control.

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Stability for Yoga

Extreme stability teaches you how to work from the ground up when creating stability, whether you are doing poses on your hands or your feet (or some combination of both).

Extreme stability isn't the be all and the end all to body awareness, improved flexibility, and strength. However, it is an important stepping stone.

If you have knee problems, extreme stability may be helpful since it shows you how to stabilize the entire lower leg, not just the foot. But it may only be a starting point for fixing the problem.

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Action Vectors

This is part 1 of a series of 6 yoga workshop videos designed to help you improve muscle control and proprioception.

Rather than forcing your way into yoga poses, the Action Vectors Workshop shows you one way of using your body so that you can work towards doing yoga poses with intelligent effort.

This doesn't mean that yoga poses become easy. Instead you learn how to direct your effort in your yoga poses so that your poses become "effort less".

You could think of it as learning the kung fu of yoga, where kung fu is taken to mean "inner skill."

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Action Vectors/ Action Vectors + Frictional Resistance

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MCP2 Foot Stability for Proprioception

Foot stabilization can lead to better knee and hip control.

Foot stabilization also leads to better proprioception since it is easier to "feel " your feet and ankles when they are stable.

These foot exercises are designed to help improve foot muscle control and proprioception and are a prepatory exercise for learning better knee and hip muscle control.

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Frictional Resistance

In this workshop, you'll learn how to use friction to activate particular sets of muscles. You'll also practice keeping parts of your body still (despite the forces you are exerting). And you'll also learn a very simple method for strengthening specific muscles.

One of the key advantages of this workshop is that it makes it easy even for very flexible people ("floppy" people, i.e. those who can drop into the splits easily but can't control their descent into the splits) to feel their muscles activate.

The techniques in this workshop are the ones that I use when working with beginners to get them used to activating their muscles and feeling those muscles activate.

This is also a great technique for strengthening the arms and legs and in some cases the core.

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Frictional Resistance/ + Action Vectors

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MCP4 Focused
Floor Pressing

With Focused Floor Pressing you'll learn two slightly different techniques for pressing the floor. Both techniques are means of creating a muscular response.

An advantage of this technique is that it helps you to integrate your body. The more force that you push the floor with, the more of your body that is integrated to help power the push.

Another advantages is that you only require one point of contact with the floor. With resisted friction, a simliar technque, you require two.

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Focused Floor Pressing/ + Muscle Control 1 (MCP 5)

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Focused Floor Pressing

MCP5 and 6
Muscle Control

This workshop is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on basic thigh muscle activation (quads, hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes) using two muscle activation techniques.

The second part focuses first on improving hip bone awareness and control. From there you'll then learn to feel and control the long hip muscles that act on and connect the hip bone to the lower leg bones.

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Muscle Control 1/ Muscle Control 2/ Both

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Muscle Control

Sensational Leg Anatomy

Muscle control could be thought of as a way of learning to feel your anatomy, and that includes bones, joints and muscles.

Sensational Leg Anatomy is a series of 5 minute or less videos each an exercise or set of exercises to help you both feel and control individual groups of muscles in your legs using simple muscle control exercises.

Exercise progressions are make it easy for you to learn to feel your anatomy by starting with bigger muscles, and from there learning to feel your joints, and bones with special attention payed to learning to feel your hip bones.

Not only will you learn to feel your muscles, you'll also learn to self adjust, for optimum muscle activation.

  • All exercises are done while standing (or sitting in a chair).
  • Flexibility is not a requirement for these exercises.

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Sensational Leg Anatomy

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Learn to Feel
Your Body

Muscle Control not only helps you to better control your body, it helps you to better feel it.

Muscle control is the primary way that you feel your body.

As an example, each time you focus on your breath, the "feeling" of your breath is created by muscles activating and relaxing.

The following collection of ebooks and video workshops are all designed to help you better feel and control your body. And the techniques used are much like those used when learning to feel your breath.

Opt 1 (ebooks):

  • Yoga Basics 1
  • Yoga Basics 2
  • The Hip Control Guide,
  • Working Towards Wheel Pose.

Option 2 (+vids):

  • All of Opt 1 ebooks plus
  • Frictional Muscle Control ,
  • Extreme Stability.

Option 3 (+vids):

  • All of Opt 1 and Opt 2 plus
  • Foot Exercises and Proprioception,
  • Frictional Resistance

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Muscle Control and Proprioception for Better Flexibility

Reasons for working on muscle control and proprioception include:

  • Dealing with pain
  • Improving body awareness
  • Increasing flexibility

For myself I accidentally discovered one particular muscle control technique in the process of trying to work around knee pain. It required me to be aware of what I was doing but in the process I discovered that this same technique can also help improve flexibility.

The trouble is, it doesn't work for everybody.

And so when teaching muscle control for flexibility I've found it best to teach a wide variety of muscle control techniques so that you can pick from among them.

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More on Muscle Control and Proprioception for Better Flexibility

Muscle Control

It's easy to think of muscle control as a brute force technique for controlling the body. However, muscle control is actually a requirement for proprioception. If we didn't have muscles we wouldn't be able to feel our body. Muscles don't just move our body. They allow us to feel it.

These 6 routines help you to learn muscle control mindfully. You can then be more present in your body while doing yoga, or anything else where muscles are active.

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5 Sensational
Yoga Routines for
Kua Control

You could think of your kua as the creases of your hip.

In all likelihood you've never been taught to focus on it, or how. And why would you, it's not as if it's a muscle.

The hip crease, and thus "the kua" offers you a simple way of accessing your psoas and your gluteus maximus.

It's just a simple line, but it provides a reference that you can use to help stabilize and control your hips in nearly every conceivable hip position.

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Muscle Control for Better Flexibility

$24/$32, ebook ebook + videos

Learn muscle control to improve flexibility in forward bending and back bending with these simple exercises. Learn how to activate:

  • Quads (the muscles at the front of your thigh)
  • Hip Flexors (the muscles at the front of the hip joint)
  • Hamstrings (the muscles at the back of your thigh)
  • Hip Extensors (the muscles, including your butt muscle, a the back of your hip joint)

Improve hamstring and hip flexor flexibility.

This package contains:

Package Contents Quick Look

Learn to Feel Your Body

Option 1: Yoga Basics 1, Yoga Basics 2, The Hip Control Guide, Working Towards Wheel Pose.

Option 2: Frictional Muscle Control , Extreme Stability plus Option 1.

Option 3: Foot Exercises and Proprioception, Frictional Resistance plus Option 2.