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Become a better operator of your body
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Becoming a smart yogi is a journey, one that starts with you learning to sense your body and control it. (You can even learn to enjoy it!)

Being a smart yogi means understanding that your muscles not only move your body, they provide the necessary infrastructure for helping you to feel your body.

If you can learn to feel your muscles (and attached connective tissue), and control them, you can then work intelligently towards fixing pain, improving strength and flexibility, and becoming more present.

You don't even have to do yoga poses to become a smart yogi.

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Improving balance

Just getting started, or too busy for yoga practice?

If you are just getting started exercising, or you just haven't got the time for a full on yoga practice, then Smart yogi PE may be just the program for you.

smart yogi proprioceptive elements, Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

PE stands for Proprioceptive Elements. This program focuses on simple exercises that you can do while standing or sitting. The exercises are designed to help you better feel and control your body. And rather than trying to learn it all at once, the focus is on specific clearly defined elements.

The exercises themselves are designed to be done slowly and smoothly, and because the sensations themselves are clearly defined, you may find that you get into the flow while doing these exercises.

With these exercises, you'll develop better awareness of your shoulders, ribcage, abdomen and spine. You'll also learn to feel your knees and hips and the muscles of your thighs. Plus you'll learn to feel how you relate to the earth. In other words, you'll learn the basics of how to balance.

How do you fit all of this in to a busy schedule?

Smart Yogi PE is a series of videos. Each video focuses on a particular exercise. You can watch a video, learn the exercise, and then practice the exercise throughout the day, whenever you have the opportunity.

For each exercise, there is a particular movement that you learn to feel. Being able to practice an exercise whenever you get the opportunity, you learn to feel that particular body part or the particular action that you are repeating. If you have more time, you may choose to practice 2 or three exercises throughout the day.

What's the advantage of these proprioceptive element exercises?

Once you learn to feel a proprioceptive element, you'll have a better chance of feeling and controlling that element in other activities.

Note that smart yogi PE is designed to introduce you to these elements. To really be able to use these elements in any situation you'll have to practice them in different situations. That being said, smart yogi PE is a good start, and once you have learned to feel these elements, it is relatively easy to learn to feel those same elements under more challenging circumstances.

Once I finish the program, what then?

Doing the smart yogi PE exercises is roughly equivalent to learning to ride a bike. Once you've learned the exercises, they are difficult to forget. And actually, it's not so much the exercises that you are learning, instead, you are learning to feel and control your body.

Some of the exercises can be used to keep your body limber. If you do nothing else, you may find that you can adopt some of the exercises as part of a daily warm up, or something to keep your joints healthy. Perhaps the most important area in this regard is the spine. Other areas that you need to keep limber will depend on your regular activities.

If you find yourself ready for more, then you can try any of the other smart yogi programs where the focus is on using these proprioceptive elements in the context of yoga poses.

Are there flexibility requirements

With a few exceptions, the bulk of the smart yogi PE exercises are done while standing or sitting in a chair. Extreme flexibility is not a requirement.

Is there any value here for advanced practitioners?

Even if you are a more advanced practitioner, but have never learned discrete elements of your body, Smart Yogi PE can still be a learning experience.

Get Smart Yogi PEGumroad: $79.99

(Videos for streaming or download)

Simple exercises for de-stressing, and improving body awareness that you can do anywhere

(after pressing the above button, you'll be taken to the gumroad site where you can complete your purchase!)

smart yogi proprioceptive elements, Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

Just getting started and have time and space for an hour long yoga practice...

Say you are just getting started, but rather than spending a few minutes at a time building body awareness, you'd like to do yoga poses and learn your body at the same time.

5 Sensational yoga routines for beginners, Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

5 sensational yoga routines for beginners is the rough equivalent to the PE course, but with the additional benefit of practicing body awareness in the context of yoga poses.

This program includes 5 yoga routines. Each routine is different, however, there is some overlap. You get a taste of how you can organize yoga poses differently. The exercises in each routine also build on each other. And each exercise or posture is demonstrated with props where required so that even if your flexibility is limited, you can still follow along.

If you are short on time, but like the idea of doing yoga poses while you practice body awareness, then the poses can be practiced in relative isolation.

You can also order both programs together and get the benefits of both.

Interested in improving flexibility?

With Smart yogi MCP (muscle control and proprioception), you get 6 routines each focusing on a particular awareness or muscle control technique.

5 Sensational yoga routines for beginners, Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

This program has been specifically designed to make it easy to learn to feel and control your body. It takes into account the challenges some students have learning to feel their body. And so, the routines are sequenced so that learning to feel your body, and control it, is easy, no matter what your current experience level.

All of these techniques have different benefits, and so even though one is taught before another, you can use all techniques interchangeably once you've learned them.

Being flexible isn't about forcing your body into whatever shape you are trying to achieve. It involves noticing how your body feels or is at any given moment in time and responding to what you feel. You then can move intelligently into the shape you are trying to achieve.

Get Smart Yogi MCPGumroad: $159

(Videos for streaming or download with quick ref PDF)

6 Workshop style yoga routines to help you improve body awareness, muscle control and flexibility

(after pressing the above button, you'll be taken to the gumroad site where you can complete your purchase!)

With these different awareness and muscle control techniques, you'll have different options for how you operate your body.

Each technique involves slightly different muscle activations, so even within the same yoga practice, you may find that changing techniques gives you an opportunity to actively rest, to rest by doing something different.

Smart yogi MCP could be used as a natural progression from the previous two programs, however, it has also been designed so that you can jump right in.

If you are interested in improving flexibility, MCP includes the techniques that I've used to improve flexibility. Note that no single technique seems to work in all cases, and that's another benefit of the MCP approach. You learn a variety of techniques, and on any given day you can use the technique that feels best for helping you to improve the flexibility of a particular body part.

In the process, you'll also learn how to improve muscle strength. And underlying it all you'll learn to get a better feel for your body as well as a better understanding of how you can use it.

Additional Benefits

Smart yogi programs are designed to make you a smarter yogi in the way that you use your body. The main reason for focusing on muscle control and proprioception is that you can use them in any activity. And so another way get improved flexibility is in your ability to use your body with awareness in any activity that you do. A large portion of the exercises in this program focus on using your connection with the earth in different ways. Through this practice, you'll improve your awareness of touch (as well as your awareness of your muscles). And these are qualities that you can utilize in any physical activity.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is another way of being present. You can also think of it as being in the flow or simply noticing what is happening now. A big advantage of being mindful is that it can lead to better performance. You notice what is happening as it happens, as a result, you can respond earlier and more effectively.

All of the exercises in the Smart Yogi MCP are instructed in such a way that you can easily be mindful while doing them. A key element for all exercises is moving smoothly and slowly. You can also find a rhythm in the exercises. That rhythm can vary from day to day, but when you play with the rhythm you may find that the exercises turn into moving meditations. You may find that they feel pleasant or at the very least they make it easier to stop thinking.

Explore your body

With Smart yogi MCP, you'll learn to feel your body and as a result, you may find that you can then start exploring your body. The exercises offer a simple means for you to explore your body and notice meaningful reference points. It's muscle activation and the associated connective tissue tension that gives you access to these reference points. From there you can begin to explore your body and that's what can make the Smart yogi approach interesting and engaging. It also makes it quite valuable since you are then learning to become your own teacher.

Get Smart Yogi MCPGumroad: $159

(Videos for streaming or download with quick ref PDF)

6 Workshop style yoga routines to help you improve body awareness, muscle control and flexibility

5 Sensational yoga routines for beginners, Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

(after pressing the above button, you'll be taken to the gumroad site where you can complete your purchase!)

Interested in focusing on your hips?

Interested in focusing on your shoulders?

Having difficulty with wheel pose

Learn your anatomy

Want to learn more about getting into the flow

Ebooks Videos Collections

Know to FlowLeanpub: $9.99

(ebook: mobi/epub/pdf)

Being in the flow is another name for "being present." In Know to Flow I explain my methods for getting into the flow easily. I also talk about how flow and it's opposite mindstate, thinking, can be used together to make learning a more enjoyable experience.

Find out more
Know to flow

Balance BasicsGumroad: $24/$32

(ebook/ebook and videos)

Very few of us are taught how to direct our awareness while balancing.

Balance Basics shows you how to access the information provided by your bodies built in sensors. And it teaches you how to interpret that information so that you can find balance and stay balanced.

Find out more
Balance Basics

The Hip Control GuideGumroad: $24/$60

ebook/ ebook + extras

The hip control guide teaches you how to feel and control the deep muscles of the hip joint. Learn to activate and feel these muscles through a range of basic leg positions.

Find out more
about The Hip Control Guide

Yoga Basics 1 and Yoga Basics 2Gumroad: $24/$24/$32

ebooks: individual/Both

Yoga Basics 1 focuses on clearly defined friction and pushing actions to develop body awareness and control

Yoga Basics 2 builds up on these actions with a focus on resisted actions to create sensation and stability.

Get Yoga Basics 1 and/or Yoga Basics 2 from Gumroad

Find out more
about Yoga Basics 1 and 2

Yoga for Your ShouldersGumroad: $24


Improve shoulder awareness, stability, flexibility and strength. Simple and progressive exercises that develop awareness first, and then teaches you how to use that awareness while strengthening, stretching or otherwise using your shoulders.

Buy Yoga for Your Shoulders from Gumroad

Find out more
about Yoga for Your Shoulders

The Dance of ShivaGumroad: $22/$40/$48


Dance of shiva is a set of positions and movements that improves upper body coordination and balance. It also improves focus and concentration.

Buy The Dance of Shiva from Gumroad

Find out more
about The Dance of Shiva

Working Towards Wheel PoseGumroad: $24/$29

ebook/ebook plus video

Develop basic body awareness and muscle control for the spine, pelvis, hips and shoulder blades to make wheel pose (and other poses) easier to learn.

Buy Working Towards Wheel Pose from Gumroad

Find out more
about Working Towards Wheel Pose

Ebooks Videos Collections

5 Sensational Yoga Routines For BeginnersGumroad $49.99/79.99

videos/pdf (beginners yoga routines, + frictional resistance + extreme stability)

If you want to maintain joint health, mobility and longevity, feel and use your muscles.

And these 5 sensational yoga routines (for beginners) show you how.

Get 5 Sensational Yoga Routines for Beginners on gumroad now.

Find out more about 5 Sensational Yoga Routines for Beginners

Frictional Muscle Control Gumroad: $24/$26/$28


Using friction, you can create stability and increase strength.

It also allows you to apply strength with awareness and control.

Buy Frictional Muscle Control now from Gumroad

Find out more
about Frictional Muscle Control

Extreme Stability for YogaGumroad: $40


Work from the ground up to create stability, using your feet, your hands (or some combination of both).

Buy Extreme Stability for Yoga from Gumroad

Find out more
about Extreme Stability for Yoga

Improve glute and psoas controlGumroad $119.99


The "kua" or hip crease offers you a simple way of accessing your psoas and your gluteus maximus.

It's just a simple line, but it provides a reference that you can use to help stabilize and control your hips in nearly every conceivable hip position.

Find out more about how to Improve glute and psoas control via the kua

MCP1 Action Vectors Gumroad $30/$48

Videos: Part 1/+ 3

Part 1 of 6. Unify your body with clearly defined action vectors. Learn to clearly direct your efforts.

Buy Action Vectors from Gumroad

Find out more
about Action Vectors

MCP2 Foot Stability for Proprioception Gumroad $15


Part 2 of 6. Improve foot muscle control and proprioception for better knee and hip control.

Buy Foot Stability for Proprioception from Gumroad

Find out more
about Foot Stability for Proprioception

MCP3 Frictional Resistance Gumroad $30/$48

Videos: 3/+1

Part 3 of 6. Learn basic muscle activation via friction. Strengthen arms, legs, core.

Buy Frictional Resistance from Gumroad

Find out more
about Frictional Resistance

MCP4 Focused Floor Pressing Gumroad $45/$80

Videos: 4/+1

Part 4 of 6. Learn basic muscle and joint activation via pressure. Improve knee and hip joint stability, awareness and control.

Buy Focused Floor Pressing from Gumroad

Find out more
Focused Floor Pressing

MCP5 and 6 Muscle Control Gumroad $48/$48/$68

Videos: 5/6/both

Part 5 and 6 of 6. Learn direct muscle activation of thighs and hips in part 5. Improve hip bone and long hip muscle control in part 6.

Buy Muscle Control from Gumroad

Find out more
Muscle Control

Sensational Leg AnatomyGumroad: $80


Muscle control could be thought of as a way of learning to feel your anatomy, and that includes bones, joints and muscles.

Sensational Leg Anatomy is a series of 5 minute or less videos each an exercise or set of exercises to help you both feel and control individual groups of muscles in your legs using simple muscle control exercises.

Exercise progressions are make it easy for you to learn to feel your anatomy by starting with bigger muscles, and from there learning to feel your joints, and bones with special attention payed to learning to feel your hip bones.

Not only will you learn to feel your muscles, you'll also learn to self adjust, for optimum muscle activation.

  • All exercises are done while standing (or sitting in a chair).
  • Flexibility is not a requirement for these exercises.

Buy Sensational Leg Anatomy from Gumroad

Find out more
Sensational Leg Anatomy

Ebooks Videos Collections

Learn to Feel Your BodyGumroad: $48/$72/$84

ebooks/+vids/+more vids

Muscle Control not only helps you to better control your body, it helps you to better feel it.

Muscle control is the primary way that you feel your body.

As an example, each time you focus on your breath, the "feeling" of your breath is created by muscles activating and relaxing.

The following collection of ebooks and video workshops are all designed to help you better feel and control your body. And the techniques used are much like those used when learning to feel your breath.

Opt 1 (ebooks):

  • Yoga Basics 1
  • Yoga Basics 2
  • The Hip Control Guide,
  • Working Towards Wheel Pose.

Option 2 (+vids):

  • All of Opt 1 ebooks plus
  • Frictional Muscle Control ,
  • Extreme Stability.

Option 3 (+vids):

  • All of Opt 1 and Opt 2 plus
  • Foot Exercises and Proprioception,
  • Frictional Resistance

Get Learn to Feel Your Body from Gumroad

ebooks/ +vids/ +more vids

Find out more
about Learn to Feel Your Body

Muscle Control and Proprioception for Better Flexibility Gumroad $68/$98/$108

Reasons for working on muscle control and proprioception include:

  • Dealing with pain
  • Improving body awareness
  • Increasing flexibility

For myself I accidentally discovered one particular muscle control technique in the process of trying to work around knee pain. It required me to be aware of what I was doing but in the process I discovered that this same technique can also help improve flexibility.

The trouble is, it doesn't work for everybody.

And so when teaching muscle control for flexibility I've found it best to teach a wide variety of muscle control techniques so that you can pick from among them.

Buy Muscle Control and Proprioception for Better Flexibility now,
on Gumroad

More on Muscle Control and Proprioception for Better Flexibility

Mindful Muscle Control$70/$90/$98/$102

It's easy to think of muscle control as a brute force technique for controlling the body. However, muscle control is actually a requirement for proprioception. If we didn't have muscles we wouldn't be able to feel our body. Muscles don't just move our body. They allow us to feel it.

These 6 routines help you to learn muscle control mindfully. You can then be more present in your body while doing yoga, or anything else where muscles are active.

Buy Mindful Muscle Control on Gumroad

Find out more
about Mindful Muscle Control

Exercises you can do anywhere
(even at the Office)

Smart yogi PE (proprioceptive element) exercises can be done while standing or sitting and that means you can do them at work or at any time you are just "hanging around" (perhaps while waiting for your latte... "I'll have mine with regular milk please!")

Benefits similar to meditating

If you've ever wanted to start meditating but find sitting still difficult, smart yogi exercises allow you to get similiar benefits to meditating because the focus is on feeling your body.

But hey, don't breathing exercises do the same thing?

They do.

However, smart yogis can learn to feel other muscles (not just the ones you breathe with) with similar benefits. The smart yogi approach can actually make breathing exercises easier to learn!

You can learn to feel your body

If you don't think you are capable of "feeling your body" don't worry. Smart yogi exercises have been tested in the field over the last 10 years with people of all skill levels.

And you don't have to be an athlete to become a smart yogi. Most, if not all, of the smart yogi exercises have been tested with everyday regular people.

Plus, they are backed by a practical understanding of anatomy.

Serious yogi's:
yoga poses from the inside out

If you are a more serious yogi, smart yogi exercises also include regular yoga poses, but with a difference. Rather than focusing on the external shapes of various yoga poses, smart yogi poses are designed from the inside out. The focus isn't on using particular poses, but on using your body (effectively) within each pose.

If you've ever wanted to work towards the splits, but weren't sure how, smart yogi exercises give you the tools to do just that.

30 Day Guarantee

These programs are all based on my "in class" experience as a teacher. That being said, the exercises may not work for you.

If for that reason or any other reason you aren't satisfied, contact me for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

My email address is also included in the PDF's included in each workshop.

Viewing the Videos and Ebooks

Videos and ebooks can be downloaded to any device. To download the videos, go to the Gumroad Library

I'd recommend the VLC Media Player for viewing download videos, whether using windows or mac.

You can also stream the videos on any device (smart phone or computer) using the gumroad app.

Here's the URL for the Gumroad library in plain text:


Get into the flow easily:
Know to flow

Book a Session


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