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Vectored Yoga Poses ebook, Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

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Vectored Yoga Poses is a set of videos designed to help you learn to do yoga poses with more awareness.

Rather than forcing your way into yoga poses, it shows you one way of using your body so that you can work towards doing yoga poses with intelligent effort.

This doesn't mean that yoga poses become easy. Instead you learn how to apply effort in your yoga poses so that your effort is directed appropriately.

You could think of it as learning the kung fu of yoga, where kung fu is taken to mean "inner skill."

Learning "Inner Skill"

This set of videos won't make you a kung fu master, but instead helps to set you on that path (should you wish to tread it.)

Note that in Taiwan, where I live, kung fu is used to describe anything that is done with skill and intelligence. It isn't about fighting, but doing whatever you are doing with attentiveness, skill and relative physical ease.

Giving your Poses "Directionality"

In physics a vector is something that has both a direction as well as a quantity. So rather than just speed, it is speed in a particular direction. Rather than just acceleration or force, it is acceleration or force in a specified direction.

I used it in the title of this program because in this program the focus is on giving your body parts clearly defined directions of movement. And it all starts from the ground. The ground is your main reference point.

Clear References

And that too is an important quantity when doing anything. We need a clear reference point when doing anything meaningful. The reference point can be anywhere (and anything), the point is that we have one. That reference point then helps us to direct our efforts.

In vectored yoga poses the focus is on clear reference points from which you can clearly direct the parts of your body.

The focus is on moving or lengthening away from the reference point. And this in turn helps you to become aware of how the parts of your body relate.

Learning to Feel your Pelvis

In most of the poses in this program you'll learn to feel your pelvis (and/or ribcage) and how either of them relate to your hands or feet. Note that in these videos your main reference points are your connection to the earth and so you could think of these actions as helping you to "feel" or "sense" how you relate to the earth via your foundation.

Note that "feel" or "sense" means using the sense of touch (via your skin) but also feeling changes in tension in your muscles.

The awareness and body control you learn in this video provides the basis for further exercises in awareness and body control covered in future lessons.

This Program is Suitable For:

This video is suitable for people new to body awareness or "moving mindfully" practices.

You do not need to be flexible to do these exercises. Most poses that do require flexibility are shown with the use of a chair as a prop.

This Program is Not Suitable For:

This video is not recommended for "floppy" people". I.e. if you can drop into the splits or a forward bend but can't control your decent into either of these poses then you may not have the necessary muscle control to do these poses and that may cause you to overstretch your joint tissues. Plus, you need some muscle control in order to feel your body.

About the Program

Vectored Yoga poses is a set of three videos. The videos can be done one after the other as a 50 minute routine. They can also be done individually as mini-routines.

A pdf file is included which gives you an overview of the program as well as some suggestions for mini routines for those short of time.

The videos are downloadable but can also be streamed.

Downloaded, they are in MP4 format and 720 HD.

The exercises are taught as follow along, with demonstrations before hand. You can do the exercises while watching and/listening to the videos, or you can watch the instruction for an exercise, then do the exercise by yourself while the video is paused. Then repeat the process for the next pose.

Is This a Routine that Can Be Done Regularly?

While this program is given as a routine, it is recommended that you not use this routine regularly. It is designed more for helping you to learn your body. However, as you get into more "strengthening" yoga routines, you may find that this routine offers a nice respite or "active rest" from more active or tiring yoga routines.

And to that end you may find that this routine, or variations of it, are suitable to do once or twice a month.

So Why Bother with This Program?

This program helps you to learn the body awareness necessary for future lessons. As a basic example, if you learn to feel your pelvis moving in relationship to your feet or hands it's then that much easier to keep it still with respect to your hands or feet.

For some people, this type of program may help to improve flexibility, but that isn't guaranteed. So why bother mentioning it? Because if you are a teacher, dealing with students of various levels and various abilities, the more techniques you know, the easier it is to find a particular technique that will work for any of your students.

Another reason for doing this course is to see how you can apply the same basic idea in a variety of different yoga poses.

30 Day Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied, email me (my email is included in the included pdf) for a full refund.

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