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Learning how to learn
Mental Models

A practical philosophy for learning, problem solving and creating change
Learning how to learn mental models

When we learn, mental models are the things in our brains that store what we learn. Part of the process of learning is building these models, another part is indexing them so that what we learn can be called up when needed.

What we learn

Sometimes what we learn is information, or details of how something (as sytem) works. Sometimes what we learn is how to process information to solve problems or otherwise provide answers. And yet another thing that we can learn is things that involve the use of our body. This can include things like riding a motorcycle, driving a car, riding a bike, doing martial arts or dancing, and of course it can also include things like how to do yoga poses and how to move between them.

The same process of learning can be applied to learning external systems and to learning the things that involve ourselves. The trick then is learning how to learn in such a way that learning is easier and more enjoyable, and also more effective.

The meaning of effective learning

Effective in this case can mean several things. It can mean learning in a way that we don't have to spend so much time learning. It can also mean learning in such a way that we can re-use what we've learned. But, and this is particularly true when solving problems, or otherwise coming up with elegant solutions or creations, it means building models from two points of view.

Building mental models from two points of view

Learning How to Learn Mental models is about the process of building mental models from two points of view. With this process, self-testing is an integral part of the process. But so too is breaking things down.

Applied to ourselves and learning the things that involve ourselves, we can improve our ability to think clearly but also our ability to enjoy our experiences even as we work to improve them. We can thus work at gradually improving our lives, if we choose, as well as out ability to solve problems. In terms of activities that involve our direct involvement, we can learn the basics of feeling our body and better controlling it.

Learning how to learn mental models

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Published: 2023 03 31

Neil Keleher

Hi, I'm Neil Keleher.

I have a degree in Systems Design engineering. Before that I served in the British army for five years. My main job was fixing guns.

I've been teaching yoga for about twenty two years now. I also do a lot of programming in python and node.js.

One of my other main projects is studying Chinese, but it's been hold while I developed tools to make studying easier. One of those is a Chinese character dictionary and the other is a Chinese word and phrase dictionary.

Both include a lookup system for Chinese characters that is foreigner friendly and that I'm proud to say that I designed.

Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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