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Gall Bladder Meridian Stretches

Meridian stretches for the side of the body, shoulder and hips
Published: 2011 01 11
Updated: 2021 02 10
gall bladder meridian

The following meridian stretches are for the gall bladder meridian which runs down the side of the neck, torso and leg. It also runs along the top of the foot.

Gall Bladder meridian stretches include bending the neck to the side, bending the torso to the side and stretching the outside of the hips, outer thighs and ankles.

Meridian Stretches for the Side of the Neck

Stretching the side of the neck is relatively simple. Tilt your head to one side and bend your neck. Prior to doing this lift the front of your ribcage so that your neck has a good base.

Focus on feeling the vertebrae of your cervical spine.

To assist bending your neck to the side you can activate the muscles on the side of the neck that you are bending towards. If you are bending your neck to the right then activate the muscles on the right side of your neck to help stretch the muscles on the left side of your neck..

You may also find it helpful to slightly lift one side of your ribcage.

If you are bending your neck to the right then slightly lift the left side of your ribcage.

Meridian Stretches for the Side of the Torso and Hip

Stretches for the side of the torso and hip include standing side bend and a variation of triangle pose.

Standing side bend

standing side bend

For standing side bend, stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and parallel. Have your knees straight. Reach your left hand up. So that you get a feeling of reaching upwards, make your left elbow straight and straighten the fingers of your right hand. So that you can reach up higher, lift your left shoulder and reach the ribs on your left side upwards as well. Make sure that your knees are straight. For extra reach you can even focus on pushing your feet into the floor. Focus on feeling your hip joints as you do this. Feel as if you are reaching your feet away from your hips (or vice versa.)

Push your pelvis to the left. At the same time push your right foot against the floor to the right. This will help you push your pelvis further to the left. You can also focus on squeezing the outside of your right thigh and the inside of your left thigh.

As you push your pelvis to the left focus on reaching your ribs, shoulders, arms and head to away from your pelvis, to the right.

Focus on feeling your body. Each exhale relax slightly. Each

inhale push your pelvis further to the right and reach your ribs, arms and upper body further to the left.

To add weight to the pose and to assist in deepening your stretch slowly reach your right hand to the right. You can lift and lower your right arm slowly or you can continue to reach it to the right.

For an extra challenge, bring your hands slowly together while you inhale and apart as you exhale. Slowly come up to standing and then do the other side.

Triangle Yoga Pose Variation.

In this variation of triangle pose focus on allowing your ribcage to sink down.

triangle yoga pose prep
triangle yoga pose
triangle yoga pose variation

Move your feet about a leg length apart. Turn you left foot slightly in and turn your right foot out 90 degrees. Drop your right hip. Focus on allowing your right hip to sink. Relax the muscles of your right hip. Reach your right hand down your leg. Move slowly. Use your arm to support your ribcage so that the left side of your waist can relax.

Reach your left arm up and over to the right. If you can place your right hand on the floor, slowly bend your elbow to allow your ribcage to lower downwards.

If you like, you can reach your right hand to the right and then lift your hand off of the floor.

So that you can keep the right side of your waist relaxed, slowly lift your right hand off of the floor. You don't even have to lift it high. Continue to sink your ribcage down as you do so. As you do so, focus on feeling the left side of your waist. Focus on relaxing it so that you ribcage can sink down.

Balanced Meridian Stretches

Meridian Stretches for the side of the body can be balanced by stretching the inner thighs and twisting the torso.


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