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Dealing with Wrist Pain in Crow Pose (Bakasana)

Tips for dealing with wrist pain in crow pose and other hand supported positions

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Getting into crow pose (or bakasana) with knees behind the armpits. How do you avoid wrist pain in this pose, or deal with super mobile wrists?

Wrist Pain in Crow Pose (Bakasana)?

Someone asked me this question on youtube:

"I experience wrists pain after putting majority of body weight on hands. I have to add I have very mobile wrists. Is there any remedy to successfully do this pose or I should avoid any of handstands in the future?"

A few weeks after my response below, they got back to me to say that:

They had used most of my advice while doing tittibasana since it was easier to focus on their hands in that pose. And then they were able to do bakasana, a little wobbly, but they could do it.

Below is my suggestion.

Fingers and Forearms

First thing I'd suggest, make your fingers strong (press your fingers down into the floor.)

Second, also try "squeezing" your forearms.

Practicing Finger Pressure and Forearm Activation

Start in cat pose with weight back (like child's pose.) Slowly shift weight onto your hands (to add more weight press fronts of feet into floor and lift your knees a little.) As you shift weight onto your hands, gradually increase finger pressure and forearm squeezing pressure.

Slowly shift weight back and relax.

Repeat a few times.

As you repeat, adjust position of hands (turned out slightly or turned in) for maximum comfort.

Add Some Protraction

Another action you can try adding is to separate your shoulder blades as you move your weight forwards.

This is called protraction and done with awareness it can be used to activate the serratus anterior muscle.

You are going to have to self experiment, but the above is what I'd recommend.

Once you are comfortable in the above exercise you can try working towards bakasana, and then perhaps other inverted yoga poses. Take your time though.

One other suggestion that may help, try hanging from a chin-up bar. Try different grips, but hold while letting your body weight hang down. Focus on just using the strength of your hands.

These are top of the head suggestions. For exercise, try to smoothly move in and out of each position so that it is easier to maintain the actions that you are trying to do.

Here's the video for crow pose. You can also read more on crow pose.

Published: 2018 01 27
Updated: 2020 10 28
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