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Yoga Routine and Mini Routine Videos

Routine and mini-routine videos on youtube

The youtube videos below include routines and mini-routines that I've uploaded over the last few years.

Most of these routines focus on helping you to develop body awareness and improve muscle control.

Body Awareness and Muscle Control Yoga Yoga Warmup Routine

This is part of the warmup for a yoga workshop video that focuses on using Friction and Pressure to improve body awareness and muscle control.

Beginners Yoga Routine

This set of yoga stability exercises works on the shoulders and hips

It includes:

  • rhythmic scapular stabilization exercises,
  • exercises for hip flexion and extension
  • basic stability exercises that build on the same principles included in the side plank stability video

Exercises include:

  • 1:55 Spinal Backbending and Feeling the Spinal Erectors
  • 4:47 Table Top Prep (Using the shoulders to lift the ribcage (And spinal erectors to open the chest)
  • 7:18 Table Top with Hips Lifted
  • 8:14 Boat Pose Hip Flexion with knee Bent
  • 9:40 Staff Pose Knee extension and Quadricep Activation
  • 10:55 Boat Pose Hip Flexion with Knee Extension (and Quad Activation)
  • 12:22 Extended Cat Pose with Spinal Erector, Glute and Hamstring Activation
  • 16:58 Dog Pose Knee Lift (and Shoulder Activation) for hip flexor activation
  • 19:24 High Lunge front leg activation and Rear Leg foot activation with knee lift
  • 23:14 Low Lunge with leg activation
  • 28:20 Push Up Progression
  • 32:53 Shoulder Stretch (recovery from push ups)
  • 35:56 Bakasana.

Side Plank Shoulder Stabilization Exercises

This series of side plank exercises is designed to help feel and control the shoulder and scapula when the arm is supporting body weight.

It's also to help you feel and control the thigh and hip when the knee or foot is supporting some of the weight of the body.

Hamstring Strength and Flexibility Routine

In my experience hamstring flexibility doesn't result from any single exercise nor any single exercise technique. And so I've learned to work on the hips (and hamstrings) in different ways.

Rather than just stretching the hamstrings, the exercises in this video improve overall leg stability, hip flexor control as well as hip extensor control. It also includes some exercises for activating deep hip muscles as well as the adductors and abductors.

  • :54 spinal awareness exercise
  • 3:56 Table top pose for activating and feeling glutes
  • 6:47 Boat pose with single leg active hip flexion
  • 10:25 reverse plank for activating and feeling hamstrings
  • 13:05 staff pose: seated single leg active hip flexion
  • 16:21 staff pose: seated dual leg active hip flexion
  • 19:09 triangle forward fold (parsvottanasana) option 1 (lifting hands)
  • 23:12 triangle forward fold option 2 (bending forwards and standing up for greater leg stability)
  • 25:41 triangle forward fold option 3 (opening chest while bend forwards)
  • 28:41 standing side bend (inner and outer thigh activation) plus half moon (for hip stability)
  • 32:19 standing forward fold with inner/outer thigh activation
  • 34:11 standing forward bend with muscle actions to "shape" the pelvis
  • 36:17 seated assymetric forward bend using arm and leg stabilization
  • 39:51 seated wide leg forward fold with arm and leg stabilization and hamstring relaxation
  • 41:20 seated forward bend using arms to drive hip flexion
  • 42:28 bridge pose as counter pose for forward bending
  • 43:54 closing remarks
Published: 2018 09 29
Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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Yoga Routine and Mini Routine Videos

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