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Yoga Videos

A categorized list of yoga videos on youtube

The following videos are all from my youtube page. I've grouped them according to relevance.

Basic Stability and Hip Flexibility

The following two videos focus on the wide leg forward bend (seated) and pigeon pose, two hip stretches that could be used to complement each other.

Balancing On One Foot

Shoulder Exercises

Scapular Stability Exercises

Dolphin Pose

Can be used as a preparation for headstand.

Triangle Yoga Pose

Wheel Pose

Published: 2015 12 20

Neil Keleher

Hi, I'm Neil Keleher.

I have a degree in Systems Design engineering. Before that I served in the British army for five years. My main job was fixing guns.

I've been teaching yoga for about twenty two years now. I also do a lot of programming in python and node.js.

One of my other main projects is studying Chinese, but it's been hold while I developed tools to make studying easier. One of those is a Chinese character dictionary and the other is a Chinese word and phrase dictionary.

Both include a lookup system for Chinese characters that is foreigner friendly and that I'm proud to say that I designed.

Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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Yoga Videos

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