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A list of all my "take out the slack" youtube videos sorted by yoga pose and/or topic

Welcome to the take out the slack youtube channel video index (or if you prefer, archive).

This page lists all of my youtube videos by posture, or when no particular pose is included, by topic.

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Diastasis recti, suggestions for fixing

The External Obliques and the Inguinal Ligament Tension

Abs: Transverse Abdominis

Abdominal tone, how the transverse abdominis can affect it

Belly retraction, using the transverse abdominis for active exhales

Improve Forward bending via the transverse abdominis

Sitting bone control combined with transverse abdominis activation for SI joint stability

The benefits of activating your inner corset muscle

Self adjusting in yoga poses

Self Adjust Your Yoga Poses

Ankle Stability

Heel Stabilization, Stabilizing the Heels and Ankles

Ardha Matsy

Hip Pain in Ardha Matsyendrasana, how to avoid it

Arm Balances

An Introduction to Mayurasana

flying splits, how to lift your back leg

Arm Balances Astavakrasana

Astavakrasana Preparation (1) Shifting your center to lift your hips

Astavakrasana Preparation (2) Reaching the shoulders past the wrists

Astavakrasana Preparation (3) Pressing down to lift up

Astavakrasana Preparation (4) Leaning forward with a leg on one arm

Astavakrasana Preparation (5) Leaning forward and lifting the hips

Astavakrasana Preparation (6) straightening the legs and staying balanced

Astavakrasana Preparation (7) improving body awareness

Arm Balances-Crow

Bakasana for Beginners, Crow Pose Yoga Arm Balance tutorial

Improving balance in crow pose

Side Crow Pose (Parsva Bakasana) for Beginners


Standing Back Bends for the Spine, Yoga Desk Exercises 9

Balancing On Forefeet

balancing on your forefeet

Balancing On One Foot

Foot and Ankle Stability Exercises for Balancing on One Foot

Improving stability while balancing on one foot

straight knee stability for better foot control while balancing on one foot

Basic Principles For Making Your Yoga Poses "Sensational"

Basic Principles for Sensational Yoga Poses

Body Awareness

Improving body awareness

Muscle anchoring for better muscle control

Should you Brace Your Core and other Tips for learning to captain your body

Toe, finger and Spine Lengthening

Using muscle control to improve body awareness


Basic breathing methods, a step-by-step guide

Breathing exercises for stress reduction and body awareness

Breathing while Back Bending the Spine

costal breathing (breathing into the ribcage)

neck breathing and costal

Calf Stretching

Active Standing Calf Stretch (and tibias anterior strengthening exercise)


Camel Yoga Pose (Ustrasana)


Chaturanga for Beginners and Yogis with Weak Arms


Building Chataranga From the Ground Up

Chest Stretch: Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog/Inch Worm Chest Stretch

Childs Pose

working towards child's pose

Cross Legged

Difficulties Sitting Cross Legged

exercises for sitting cross legged

Exercises for sitting cross legged comfortably

learning to sit cross legged by controlling your sitting bones

Dance Of Shiva

Andrey Lappa's Shiva Nata level 5, with Movement and Positions subtitles

Level 3 (part 1) of Andrey Lappa's Dance of Shiva with Movement and Position Subtitles

shiva nata level 5 for fun

Dance Of Shiva Demo

dance of shiva flow

shiva freestyle

Dance Of Shiva For Beginners

Arm Rotation Details for Dance of Shiva

Dance of Shiva Basics Lesson 1: Basic Positions

Dance of Shiva Basics Lesson 2: Forward Movement and Backward Movement

Dance of Shiva Basics Lesson 3: ChangeForward and ChangeBackward Movements

Dance of Shiva Basics Lesson 4: The Transquarter Movement

Dance of Shiva Basics Lesson 5: Changes

Dance of Shiva Basics Lesson 6: ChangeTransquarters

Dance of Shiva Movement: Forward Move, Forward Move

dance of shiva shoulder exercises

learning the dance of shiva

level 1 forward backward and backward forward

shiva basics positions

slow warp warm up-dance of shiva horizontals

Dance Of Shiva Learning To Flow

Learning to Flow using Dance of Shiva

Dance Of Shiva Movement Combinations

Dance of Shiva Movement: Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Backward Move, Change Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Backward Move, Change-Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Backward Move, Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change Move, Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Backward Move, Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Backward Move, Change-Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Backward Move, Transquarter Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Forward Move, Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Forward Move, Change-Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Forward Move, Change-Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Forward Move, Transquarter Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Transquarter Move, Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Transquarter Move, Change-Transquarter Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Change-Transquarter Move, Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Cyclic movements (Forward, Backward, Change-Forward, Change-Backward)

Dance of Shiva Movement: Forward Move, Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Forward Move, Change Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Forward Move, Change-Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Forward Move, Change-Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Forward Move, Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Transquarter Move, Change Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Transquarter Move, Change-Backward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Transquarter Move, Change-Forward Move

Dance of Shiva Movement: Transquarter Move, Transquarter Move

Dance Of Shiva Movement Combinations Sample

Dance of Shiva Sample Cyclic Acyclic Basic

Dance of Shiva Sample Mixed Cyclics

Dance of Shiva Sample Simple Double Cyclics

Dance Of Shiva Position Practice

dance of shiva basic position and movement practice both arms, as if doing the f-f movement

dance of shiva basic position and movement practice using one arm

Improve Arm and shoulder mobility, Simple arm and Shoulder warm ups for dance of shiva

shiva dance, all basic movements using one arm

Dance Of Shiva Warp

dance of shiva, warp 1 from 11 with movement sequence cards

Dance Of Shiva With Foot Movements

phase space 14b BT Arm and Leg Movements Combined right and left leg standing

Shivanata Foot and Hand Positions Intro 1

Shivanata Foot and Hand Positions Intro 2

Shivanata Leg Movements-(F-F) Narrated


Dolphin Yoga Pose for Beginners

Down Dog

downward dog elbow and shoulder basics for better control and body awareness

Downward Facing Dog Part 2

Downward Facing Dog, Adho muka svanasan


Arms Behind the Back Shoulder Stretch, Yoga Desk Exercises 8

Foot Exercises

Foot Exercises for Collapsed Arches and Flat Feet

Forward Bend

Hip Flexor Strengthening While Forward Bending

Glute Maximus Activation

Gluteus Maximus Activation for Desk Jockeys and Yoga Teachers (Get Your Ass in Gear)

gluteus maximus activation, feeling the inguinal crease and hip flexor anchoring

Half Bound Lotus

Seated Half Bound Lotus, how to work towards it (without hurting yourself in the process)

Half Moon

Half Moon Pose for knee pain, preventing the knee from collapsing inwards

Hamstring Control

Improving hamstring control while forward bending (focusing on sitting bones)

Hamstring Strengthening

Hamstring Strength and Flexibility Routine

Hamstring Stretching

a hamstring stretching exercise that can help with your pistol squat

creating space in your hip joint in this seated hamstring stretch

Flat Back Forward Bend (Un-rounding your Upper Back)

Hamstring stretching basics

Hamstring stretching with active hamstrings

Improve hamstring flexibility by using the hip flexors

Single Leg Standing Forward Bend

standing forward bend, how to improve hamstring flexibility

Hamstring Stretching While Reclined

reclining hamstring stretches

stretching the hamstrings while lying on your back

Hamstring Stretching While Seated

seated hamstring stretches

Seated Wide Leg Hamstring Stretch


Expanding the Ribcage In Handstand (Handstands part 3)

Handstand Demos-Failing to Stay Up

Handstand kick ups using a wall

Handstands 4, back against the wall

Handstands, how to get your feet off of the wall

Handstands, shifting your weight

Handstands, the Pelvis and the Psoas-Using Center

L Shaped handstand, working on balance versus alignment

Pulling Up into Handstands-Pulling the Hips Forwards


Balancing in headstand with legs horizontal

Bound Headstand, Learning to Lift with Legs Straight

headstand final notes

Headstand Stability Basics

headstand, a step-by-step to balancing without a wall

Headstand: preparing your neck

Tripod Headstand for Beginners, Creating Stability while Inverted

Hip Flexor Control

hip flexor anatomy and anchoring the hip flexors

hip flexor anatomy for actively stretching the hamstrings

Hip Flexor Stretches

Hip flexor stretches for psoas, iliacus, sartorius and tensor fascia latae

Hip Flexor Stretches: Couch Stretch

couch stretch hip flexor stretching alternative with no couch and no wall

Couch stretch part 1, stretching the rectus femoris

rectus femoris stretch, couch stretch p2 without a couch

Hip Joint Centering

Centering the hip joint via muscle control (creates space in the hip joint)

Hip Joint Rotation

Hip rotation Exercises and Anatomy

Hip Joint Stability

Hip Stability and Balance Exercise

Hip Joint Strengthening

Simple Glute and Hip flexor Strengthening Exercises

Hip Stability

Improving Hip flexibility: Bound angle and wide leg forward bend

Wide Leg Hip Stability Exercise

How Not To Think While Doing Yoga

Working within the limits of short term memory

Improving Flexibility

Muscle Control Techniques for Improving Flexibility (and body awareness)

Improving Posture Without Sticking A Sensor On Your Back

Improve your posture (with or without devices)

It Band Pain

Muscle Activations for Preventing IT Band Knee Pain

Knee Pain And Anchoring The Hip Flexors

Knee pain, anchoring the hip bones via Transverse Abdominis activation

Knee Rotation

Yes the knees rotate, here's what you need to know

Leg Strengthening

A Leg Strengthening Exercise for Standing without Using Your Hands

Low Lunge

Low lunge hand lift for leg strengthening and body awareness

Lower Front Ribs

Self-cueing, know what you are doing and why you are doing it


Step-by-step guide to binding in Marichyasana


Standing Meditation 1 for Body Awareness

Neck Pain

neck pain, 3 types of exercises to help deal with it

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose Hip Stretches and variations

Pushing in Pigeon Pose

Pistol Squat (Single Leg Squat)

pistol squat progressions from the body weight squat

Plank Pose

Plank pose, self adjusting


The psoas

Quadriceps Control, How To Activate Your Quads

Quad Activation Exercises

Reverse Triangle

Reverse Triangle: Hip and Ab Exercise

Ribcage Mobility And Awareness

Basic spine and ribcage adjustments for even spinal erector activation

Improve Thoracic Mobility and Awareness

improving ribcage awareness and mobility, some basic exercises

Ribcage Posture, Developing Thoracic Mobility and Awareness

ribcage slides (and head slides)

Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises and Breathing

Sequencing Muscle Control Actions And When To Stop Sequencing

why sequence muscle activations and why then forget the sequencing


Shoulder Stretch for Front of the Shoulder

Alleviating Shoulder tightness (and improving shoulder balance)

Dynamically Improving Shoulder Flexibility

natural arm movements part 2

Natural Arm Swings

preventing shoulder lift and tightness, shoulder balance part 2

shoulder impingement: exercises for preventing it

shoulder pain: what you need to know to fix it


Exercise for Scapular Protraction

Exercises for Improving Scapular Protraction, Retraction and More

Scapular Protraction with Arms Lifted

Scapular Protraction, Activating Serratus Anterior.


balancing on your shoulders In shoulderstand and plough pose

Side Bend

Active side bending

Active Sitting: Side Tilt and Side Bend, Yoga Desk Exercises 2

Standing Side Bend, Yoga Desk Exercises 6

Side Plank Pose

Side Plank Shoulder Stabilization Exercises

side plank variations for core, balance, hips, and shoulders

Sitting Actively, Resisting The Negative Affects Of Sitting

Active Sitting, Yoga Desk Exercises 1

Spinal Awareness

Improving spinal awareness, making your spine feel long

Making your spine long while doing simple yoga poses or actions

Spine Exercise, lengthening and relaxing for spinal mobility


l4 l5 herniation and gentle awareness exercises


Front to Back Splits, 2 Techniques to Improve Flexibility

hip and knee activation for side splits

Split Squat Exercises for Body Awareness (and Leg Strength)

Working towards front to back splits using muscle control


Adjusting deep squat to alleviate hip discomfort


Cossack squat, staying balanced

Foot Awareness for the Flat Footed while Squatting

Getting Comfortable in the Deep Squat Position

Heels Lifted Squatting for strong knees

Peterson Squat Variation for Stronger Knees

Seated Get Up, A Variation of the Single Leg Squat

Squatting and Single Leg Squatting from a Chair, Yoga Desk Exercises 3

squatting and staying balanced

Squatting with Knee Control (Stabilizing Feet and Ankles)

Standing Yoga Pose Mini Sequence

Asymmetrical Standing Forward Bend, Warrior 1 and Revolving Triangle


Neck Stretches, Yoga Desk Exercises 10


sitting bone control for effective hip flexor stretching

Understanding the hip flexors for more effective stretching

Sun Salutations Introduction

sun salutes intro 1

Sun Salutations, Jumping Back

sun salutation jump back

Tai Ji, Grasp Sparrows Tail (37)

Grasp Sparrows Tail, 37 Tai Ji Movement 3

Tai Ji, Lift Hands (37)

Tai Ji 37 5 Lift Hands

Tai Ji, Opening (37)

Tai Ji 37 Movements 1 and 2

Tai Ji, Press And White Crane Spreads Wings (37)

Tai Ji 37 moves 6 and 7, Lean and White Crane

Tai Ji, Single Whip (37)

Single Whip from 37 Tai Ji

Tai Ji, Snake Creeps Down And Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg (37)

Snake Creeps Down and Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg (24 Style Tai Ji)

Tight Hamstrings

Tight Hamstring Workarounds

Toe Balance

toe balance, how to work towards it

toe balance, staying balanced

Tree Pose

tree pose, balancing on one foot


Deepening spinal twists without using your arms

Seated Spinal Twist both Assisted and Unassisted, Yoga Desk Exercises 4

Spinal Twist While Standing, Yoga Desk Exercises 5

Twisting Spinal Stretch (and increasing Spinal Awareness)


Belly retraction and belly churning: uddayana bandha and nauli kriya

uddiyana kriya

Up Dog

upward facing dog, how to for beginners


Stretching the quads using sitting bone control in supta virasana

supta virasana "knees up" entry

Warrior 1

Warrior 1: Thoracic Mobility and Knee Awareness

Weight Shifting And It'S Benefits

Why Bother with Weight Shifting Exercises

Weight Shifting Basics For Body Awareness

Basic Weight Shifting and Foot Awareness.

Weight Shifting With Awareness For Better Balance

Weight Shifting Smoothly to One Foot for Better Balance


wheel pose, a beginners guide

Yoga Routine For Beginners

beginners 10 minute yoga routine

Beginners Yoga Routine

Yoga for beginners, using props effectively

Yoga Routine For Improving Body Awareness

Beginners mini- routine for practicing body awareness and stability

beginners yoga routine, improving body awareness

Yoga warm up for body awareness

Published: 2021 08 16
Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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