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Alphabetical yoga poses, E is for eagle pose. Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

Alphabetical Yoga Poses Index

Plus Index of Poses by Category
Published: 2015 12 18
Updated: 2020 10 28

This page includes two alphabetical indexes.

The first one includes text links.

The second includes photos of the poses and links.

Use section titles to return to the TOC.

Alphabetical Yoga Poses, TOC

Yoga Pose Basics | Poses by Category | Sequencing and Sequences | Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Alphabetical index for text links

Alphabetical index for photo links

Basics for Yoga Poses

Sequencing (how to) and Sequences

Categories of Yoga Poses

Ashtanga Yoga

Alphabetical Yoga Poses, Text Entries

A Pose index

half split adductor stretch with elbows on the floor

Adductor Stretches

Stretches for your your inner thighs

B Pose index

bridge yoga pose, back bending yoga poses, leg strenghtening yoga poses, energizing poses, yoga postures, spinal back bends, neil keleher

Bridge pose

Backbending at the Hips, Lumbar and/or Thoracic Spine

C Pose index

compass yoga pose, compass yoga pose alternatives and preparations, compass pose, binding yoga poses, shoulder stretches, leg stretches

Compass Yoga Pose

Try relaxing your shoulder until you straighten your leg.

D Pose index

yoga poses, yoga postures, belly down yoga poses, downward facing dog (adho muka svanasana) with head in line with the arms

Downward Dog Pose

Use your shoulders to push your ribcage backwards and upwards.

E Pose index

eagle arm position

Eagle Yoga Pose

The hard part is getting binding arms and legs. So you may find it helps to practice them separately.

F Pose index

pincha mayurasana, forearm stand, inverted yoga pose, yoga balance pose

Forearm Balance (Pincha Mayurasana)

Try picking a balance point just in-front of your elbows (towards the hands).

G Pose index

Glute Stretches

This hip stretch targets the glutes. Note the position of the shoulder relative to the foot.

H Pose index

Half Moon Balance

Focus on feeling your foot to help stay balanced.

I Pose index

J Pose index

janu sirsasana A with hand clasping wrist

Janu Sirsasana

Try stabilizing both knees while pulling your chest towards your thigh.

K Pose index

semi-kneeling forward bend (triang muka eka pada pashimottanasana.)

Kneeling Postures

One way to work towards kneeling on both knees is to practice one leg at a time.

L Pose index

Locust pose (salabhasana) with head, chest and legs lifted.

Locust Yoga Poses

One option for locust pose is to lift the legs first (activate the knees), then lift the torso.

M Pose index

Mayurasana yoga pose. In this yoga pose, hands are on the floor with fingers pointing backwards. Elbows are bent and are close enough together that the stomach can be placed on top of them. Stomach muscles (abdominals) are engaged. With stomach resting on elbows, move torso and elbows forwards relative to the hands till you the point where both legs and chin can be lifted off of the floor. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.


To get your feet off of the floor shift your weight forwards.

N Pose index

Nauli Kriya

The first step after exhaling all of your air is to pull your ribcage up, away from your pelvis.

P Pose index

pigeon yoga pose, pigeon yoga pose variations, pigeon hip stretch, pigeon hip stretch variations, pigeon pose with torso upright, balancing on knees with hands off of floor.

Pigeon Pose Basics

To lift the hip focus on pressing down with the front knee.

Q Pose index

half hero yoga pose reclinging quad stretch

Quad Strethes

For reclining quad stretches you may find it helps to press the bottom foot into the floor.

R Pose index

purvottanasana, reverse plank yoga pose, ashtanga yoga poses.

Reverse Plank (Purvottanasana)

Try activating the front and back of the thighs before lifting the hips.

S Pose index

side plank on knee with shoulder active and with pelvis lifted

Side Plank

Practice shoulder activation by doing this pose with knees bent first.

T Pose index

yoga tree pose preparation exercise, standing on one leg with the other leg lifted to the side. Knee and hip on lifted leg side are both lifted high. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Tree Pose

Use this as a preparation (or substitute) for tree pose.

U Pose index

Upward Facing Dog

Legs strong, press feet down, pull hips forwards.

V Pose index

W Pose index

wheel pose, chakrasana or urdhva dhanurasana with weight towards hands

Wheel Pose

Learn to use your legs to push your hips up.

Alphabetical Yoga Poses, Entries with Images

A Pose Photo index

B Pose Photo index

C Pose Photo index

D Pose Photo index

E Pose Photo index

F Pose Photo index

G Pose Photo index

H Pose Photo index

L shaped handstand. Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.
L-shaped Handstand A Handstand Variation for Beginners

J Pose Photo index

L Pose Photo index

M Pose Photo index

N Pose Photo index

P Pose Photo index

R Pose Photo index

S Pose Photo index

T Pose Photo index

U Pose Photo index

V Pose Photo index

W Pose Photo index




<#alt#> Neil Keleher, Sensational Yoga Poses.

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Dance of shiva for coordination and mental flexibility, balance basics for understanding balance, yoga basics 1 and 2 for getting a feel for your body, hip control guide and yoga for your shoulders for learning your hips and shoulders, wheel pose for tips on learning difficult poses and know to flow to learn how you can use flow and it's opposite state for enjoyable learning.

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