Sensational Yoga Poses

Yoga for smart People?
by: Neil Keleher

Smart phones are smart because they can sense your touch and respond to it in different ways. And they are smart because they support a multitude of apps, all reliant on that element that senses inputs and creates outputs.

When it comes to physical movement and yoga poses, you can become a smart yogi by noticing sensations generated by your muscles and responding to them intelligently. You can use this sensitivity and responsiveness in anything that you do.

This is how you can experience your body. This is how you learn to understand it.

With this understanding based on the direct experience of your body, you can learn to fix problems, improve strength, flexibility, coordination, or simply find it easier to "be present" in your own body.

Yoga Poses

This is the index for yoga poses.

These are pages that focus on yoga poses, how to do them and what you can do while doing yoga poses to improve body awareness and control.

Learning how to balance

This is the index for learning how to balance. These are pages that focus on balance in general (the "idea" of balance) and how to turn it into a general skill (versus an activity specific one). These pages also include specific balance poses and exercises.

Yoga for Flexibility

This is the index for yoga for flexibility.

These pages focus on stretches (and in some cases, poses), to help you improve flexibility. In most cases, if not all, the focus is on what to do with your muscles and how to clearly specify a direction of stretch.

Yoga for Strength

This is the index for yoga for strength

Here the focus is on getting stronger. This isn't brute ignorant strength, but strength based on body awareness and getting the parts of your body to work well together. So it's strength from guided effort.

Sensational Yoga Anatomy

The focus here is on the anatomy of movement and proprioception, so muscles, bones and joints. And it's focused on feeling, or proprioceiving, your own body.

This is the index for Sensational Yoga Anatomy

Yoga for De-stressing

This is the main index for Yoga for De-stressing

The main idea for de-stressing is to become present or in other words, stop thinking. And so here are an array of tools to help you focus on being present, above and beyond those presented in the previous sections.