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improve glute and psoas control via the kua, Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Improve Glute and Psoas Control via the Kua

What the heck is the Kua anyway?
Published: 2019 08 15
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You could think of your kua as the hip crease. It's formed by the inguinal ligament under which runs the psoas and the iliacus. These muscles are generally pretty difficult to feel and control. However, focusing on the kua makes it a little bit easier.

The hip creases, and thus "the kua", offer you a simple way of accessing your psoas and it's compliment, your gluteus maximus, in addition to other muscles of the hip. Rather than worrying about the anatomic details, focusing on your kua, with one of two simple "actions", offers you a simple way to access your hip muscles.

It's just a simple line, but it provides a reference that you can use to help stabilize and control your hips in nearly every conceivable hip position.

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Fixing Hip Problems

I first learned how to use Kua control when I was trying to fix a problem with my left hip. It felt weak in exactly this region when walking up or down stairs or across rocks with big gaps in-between.

While no specific exercise seemed to help, what did help was on my left side kua. It was a simple way to cause my gluteus maximus and psoas to work together to help stabilize my hip.

Hardly Anyone Teaches Kua Control, and It's Important!

As I do whenever I experience something new in my body, I spent a long while learning how to teach kua control in my classes.

I learned the simple things that cause problems for students, that prevented them from effectively feeling the same thing that I was, and I learned how to effectively teach kua control.

Pretty much all of my students have commented that "no one teaches this stuff." They all seem to think it's important!

Learn to Feel and Control Your Glutes and Your Psoas via your Kua

Learn how to feel and control your hip muscles via your kua with over 7 hours of video divided into 5 routines. The routines themselves can be broken down into shorter exercises if you are short on time.

The exercises, and doing those exercises in different yoga poses and positions, help you learn to feel and control you kua so that you can use it effectively in anything that you do.

There's even tips on how you can use kua awareness for practicing tai ji.

Class Tested Progressions

Designed with clear progressions, these routines introduce you to basic kua control and from there you build up your awareness and understanding so that you can apply kua control in wide range of exercises both sitting and standing.

I use the same progressions in my classes because it makes teaching kua control easy to learn and it gets my students into their bodies. It also includes the little steps that help me effectively teach all levels of students, even the ones who have difficulty feeling and understanding their body.

Hour Long Routines that Are Easy To Break Down

Each routine is between an hour and two hours long.

That might seem long (or not) but you can break it down and learn a few poses at a time.

Each routine is broken down into shorter elements, each focusing on specific exercises.

The routines and their exercises build up on each other so that it is as easy as possible for you to learn to feel and control your kua.

You'll also learn simple "integration" techniques that help you to activate your muscles with a focus on stabilizing your joints.

About the Course

The course is a set of videos, 1080p that you can download or stream. Videos are MP4 and if you download them, you can always watch them on a windows machine using VLC.

You can do the exercises while watching the video or watch an exercise, memorize it and practice without the video. Then repeat for the next exercise.

Each exercise is relatively simple and should be relatively easy to remember if you are only memorizing and then doing one exercise at a time. The important thing is that with easy to remember exercises, you can do them and focus on feeling and controlling your kua.

Sensational 30 Day Guarantee

30 days isn't that sensational, but anyway, if you aren't satisfied for any reason with your purchase, contact me for a refund up to thirty days after your purchase.

And I've taught kua control pretty effectively in five hours or less. So you shouldn't need a lot of time to figure out if this stuff works or not!

The "Sensational" guarantee really points to the idea that this course will help you feel (and control) your kua. And if it doesn't, then you deserve your money back.

Each routine comes with a quick guide pdf that includes my email if you have any questions, problems or are requesting a refund.

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