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Muscle control for better flexibility part 1 and part 2. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Muscle Control

A Flexible Approach Plus,
a Flexible Approach to Flexibility
Part 5 and 6 of the MCP Workshop Series (Muscle Control and Proprioception)


Muscle Control Yoga Workshop Video

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This workshop is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on basic thigh muscle activation (quads, hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes) using two muscle activation techniques.

The second part focuses first on improving hip bone awareness and control. From there you'll then learn to feel and control the long hip muscles that act on and connect the hip bone to the lower leg bones.

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Muscle Control 1/ Muscle Control 2/ Both

About the MCP Workshops

This is part 5 and 6 of a series of 6 yoga workshop videos designed to help you improve muscle control and proprioception.

For all of these workshops, the main focus is on exercises to help you internalize the respective techniques. So rather than having to remember (or try to remember) different muscle control techniques, you are given exercises in the form of a routine to help you create muscle memories for each technique.

MCP stands for Muscle Control and Proprioception. All of these workshop videos are based on the idea that muscle control and proprioception go hand in hand. Muscle activation is what gives you proprioception. At the same time, improving your ability to proprioceive your own body helps to improve your muscle control.

About the Videos

The exercises are taught as "follow along". However, for each exercise, it is strongly recommended that you also practice without the video. You can watch an exercise, doing it with the video, then pause the video and repeat the exercise by yourself.

Videos are in mp4 format and are downloadable (they can also be streamed using the gumroad app).

Whether on a Mac system or Windows, the VLC Media Player is a very handy viewing app that allows you to create playlists so that you can seamlessly play all videos without having to operate any controls.

When making a purchase, remember your Gumroad login details (generally an email address and whatever your password is).

You can always download videos to different devices. You can also download updates when they become available.

This workshop includes a quick reference PDF with pictures of all the poses as well as a summary of the basic action(s).

30 Day Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with this workshop you have 30 days from the day of purchase to get a refund. To instigate a refund, use the email address located at the end of the included pdf.

Smartphones are smart because they can sense your touch and respond in different ways to your touch. These workshops are designed to help you become "smart" by learning to access the sensors in your own body.

Your muscles not only allow you to move your body. They allow you to sense it.

Muscle control is how you access your body's built in sensors.

Accessing Your Bodies Built In Sensors

In these final two workshops of the MCP series, the focus is on muscle activation without relying on floor contact. For that the focus is on deliberately activating muscles (and relaxing them) so that you can feel them activate. You'll also be able to feel the connective tissue tension that is caused by muscle activation.

You can then work at using muscle activation to drive or resist movement in specific directions.

This is how muscle control gives you two types of activate stretching: resisted and assisted. And since muscle control also means learning to relax muscle, muscle control also gives you the ability to do relaxed stretching.

Two Slightly Different Approaches

In Muscle Control 1 you'll be activating muscle tissue directly and using it to cause specific movements.

In Muscle Control 2 you'll be learning to focus on the movement itself and allowing the muscle activation to happen as a result of your "intention".

One technique isn't necessarily better than the other. Instead they are options.

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Published: 2019 08 17
Updated: 2020 10 28


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