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Mindful muscle control, quadriceps activated while standing.. Neil Keleher. Sensational Yoga Poses.

Mindful Muscle Control Video Workshops

6 Workshop Routines to Help You Get a Deeper Experience of Your Body

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Published: 2018 10 17

These 6 mindful muscle control video workshop routines help you to learn muscle control mindfully. You can then be more present in your body while doing yoga, or anything else where muscles are active.

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Muscle Control and Proprioception Video Workshops

The muscle control and proprioception workshop sets below all deal with mindful muscle control. Each individual workshop focuses on one particular element of muscle control. This is to make learning effective.

How many workshops have you been to where you actually retained all of the information?

Each workshop below focuses on a single technique (and practicing it in a variety of poses) so that you can build the understanding of the technique into your body.

Each workshop consists of about 50 minutes of video. That doesn't seem like a lot but most of that 50 minutes is taken up with simple exercises that you can do while watching the video. The exercises are simple enough that you can practice them without the video. And that in turn is what helps you to become proficient at each technique.

Options for Controlling Your Body, Options for Teaching

Note, that these workshops are designed as a sequence. One technique doesn't supersede others, instead each technique becomes a mindful muscle control option. Each helps you to gain a better understanding of your body.

And if you are a teacher, each technique helps you to build up a toolbox, options that you can use interchangeably for different teaching challenges.

So these mindful muscle control videos not only help you become more flexible in how you learn your body and use it. They also help you become more flexible as a teacher.

That being said, you can pick and choose. And you can purchase each workshop individually.

Exercises that Work (But you do have to Do the Work)

All of the workshop videos below include exercises that I use myself and that I teach to my students on a regular basis.

These are the exercises that work the most consistently with wide variety of students.

(If you have problems with any of the exercises you can always contact me.)

Do not expect "amazing or miraculous" changes in flexibility. Do expect to get a better feel for your body. And do expect to become more absorbed in the process of doing poses or working towards better strength or flexibility.

You will still have to do work, but you will more than likely find that with a focus on muscle control, and on body awareness in general, your practices become more fulfilling. You may find that you get into the flow while practicing.

That's not only because of the focus on learning to feel and control your muscles, but because the focus is on repeated slow and smooth and rhythmic repetitions. These actions help you to turn muscle control into conscious habits that you can then use without having to think about how to use them. You can simply turn them on (or off) at will.

Workshop Packages

Package options include some combination of these workshops:

Option 1 includes:

Action Vectors, Frictional Resistance and Focused Floor Pressing (MCP1, 3 and 4)

With Action Vectors, you'll learn how to move with less muscular effort.

With Frictional Resistance you can train your muscles and your ability to feel your muscles.

Focused Floor Pressing gives you another option for activating muscles via floor contact.


Option 2 includes:

Muscle Control 1 plus, Action Vectors, Frictional Resistance and Focused Floor Pressing
(MCP1, 3, 4 and 5-1)

With the addition of Muscle Control 1 you'll learn how to activate leg muscles using a movement intention. You'll also practicing activating muscles directly.

These techniques can give you a little more freedom to experiment with muscle control.


Option 3 includes:

Foot Exercises plus, Action Vectors, Frictional Resistance, Focused Floor Pressing and Muscle Control 1
MCP1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-1

With Foot Exercises you may find that activating your feet makes it easier to activate other leg muscles.

In some poses, activating the feet may be sufficient for making it easier to do some leg stretches, for example, stretching the hamstrings.


Option 4 includes:

All Six workshops: Action Vectors, Foot Exercises, Frictional Resistance, Focused Floor Pressing, Muscle Control 1, Muscle Control 2
(MCP1, 2, 3, 4, 5-1 and 5-2)

Muscle Control 2 builds up on the exercises from Muscle Control 1.

You'll practice feeling your hip bone and in addition learn to control the long hip muscles. These are the muscles that attach between your hip bone and your lower leg bones.

Since these muscles attach to the corner points of the hip bones they have a lot of leverage for controlling (and stabilizing) the hip bone.


30 Day Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your this purchase you have 30 days from the day of purchase to get a refund. To instigate a refund, use the email address located at the end of any of the included pdfs. (Each workshop video includes a quick reference PDF.)

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You can also paste this link in your browser to purchase directly on the gumroad site:

Note: Each workshop includes a "quick reference" PDF.

Videos are in mp4 format and are downloadable (they can also be streamed using the gumroad app).

Whether on a Mac system or Windows, VLC Media Player is a very handy viewing app that allows you to create playlists so that you can seamlessly play all videos without having to operate any controls.

When making a purchase, remember your Gumroad login details (generally an email address and whatever your password is).

You can always download videos to different devices. You can also download updates when they become available.

For more package options please visit the Muscle Control and Proprioception for Better Flexibility page. (Packages are located near the bottom of the page.)

Clearly defined poses, exercises and stretches for improving stability, body awareness and flexibility.
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Mindful Muscle Control Video Workshops, Get a Deeper Experience of Your Body

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