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Conscious Muscle Control
Quads and Superficial Hip Flexors

"Conscious" muscle control is the ability to activate or relax a set of muscles at will. Why would you want this ability?

conscious muscle control: quads and superfial hip flexors, front triangle pose, half moon pose, angle lunge pose, chair pose, neil keleher, sensational yoga poses.
conscious muscle control: quads and superfial hip flexors, mountain pose, standing forward bend, neil keleher, sensational yoga poses.

First of all it helps you become more body aware. Turning a set of muscles on and of at will requires not only that you be able to control those muscles, but also requires that you be able to feel them. And so conscious muscle control not only teaches you how to control your body, but how to feel it.

The body is a complex system, even if focusing on relatively high level systems like the musculoskeletal system. The Conscious Muscle Control series of course is designed to make it easier to learn the body by focusing on simple "clearly-defined" elements. The quads and superficial hip flexors are one such set of elements.

In this course you'll learn how to activate your quads and feel them activate. The quadriceps is the large multiheaded muscle at the front of your thighs. One of the reasons for starting with the quads is that it is easy to learn to feel. The muscle is so large that when you turn it on and off it is relatively easy to feel it activating and relaxing. Once you have some experience feeling this muscle activate and relax it then becomes easier to activate it at will.

Conscious Muscle Control: Quads and Superficial Hip flexors not only teaches you to feel your quads activating, but also to notice the effect that activating the quads has on the knee. You'll also learn to feel the superficial hip flexors.

The quadriceps is actually a four headed muscle. Three of those heads work solely on the knee. The fourth part of this muscle group, the rectus femoris muscle, also works directly on the hip. You'll learn to feel the tension this muscle creates in addition to the tensor fascae latae and possibly the sartorius muscle. These are all muscles that potentially work on the front of the hip joint helping to flex it or "bend it forwards".

Conscious Muscle Control: Quads and Superficial Hip Flexors is a video course. Videos can be streamed or downloaded. In all of the videos I demo the exercises as I teach them so that you can easily see what it is that I am doing so that you can work at doing it yourself.

I use the same exercises that I've used successfully in my classes to teach my students not only to activate their quads and hip flexors but feel them activating also.

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Conscious Muscle Control:
Quads and Hip Flexors

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