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Yoga Anatomy, Biomechanics, Muscle Control and Proprioception
Helping You to Better Feel, Control,
Understand and Experience Your Body

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Where anatomy looks at muscles and bones and how they connect, biomechanics looks at how those muscles and bones interact in a live body, in your body.

Learning muscle control and proprioception, you can directly experience the biomechanical forces within your own body, and so gain an even better understanding of how your body works. You can experience your own anatomy.

Yoga Anatomy
(Biomechanics is Built In)

Shoulder, Elbow and Arm

Torso and Spine

Low Back

Pelvis, SI Joints

Hip and Thigh

Sensational Leg Anatomy
Learn to feel, identify and control your major leg muscles, from hip bones to toes

Knee Joint

Lower Leg

Esoteric Anatomy
(Meridians and Chakras)

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Yoga Anatomy, Muscle Control and Proprioception

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It supports the back of the torso in Twisting actions.

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